Friday, October 9, 2009

Jimmy Plush: Teddy Bear Detective

Jimmu Plush, Teddy Bear Detective

"In a city ridden with prostitute furries, cannibal cops and warehouse-sized mob bosses, I've got my work cut out for me. My name is Jimmy Plush. I'm a private detective. I'm also a teddy bear. It all started when the original Jimmy Plush entered my life, offering to take my gambling debts away if I agreed to switch bodies with him. But I didn't know that being a three-foot-high plush toy would be such a living hell, especially now that everyone in town wants a piece of me. All I've gotten out of this deal is a faithful Chinese chauffeur, a custom teddybear .45, and a girlfriend who won't take off the fox suit she turns tricks in. Now I've got to keep this town clean and try to track down the real Jimmy Plush without losing my stuffing for good. Only one thing is for sure: Life is hard when you're soft.

Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective is a high octane pulp satire. In the tradition of Sam Spade, The Shadow, Dick Tracy, Hellboy and Howard the Duck comes a new kind of hero, a hero that reminds us that the measure of a man is in his guts and his gun."

I did not, as anticipated move all of my Plush Limited Editions at Bizarrocon, and have three left for three lucky readers. I am not just going to leave you all twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the release date. Instead, you will be getting monthly gifts such as an ebook of Plush and neopulp flash fiction, extraneous forewords to the book by Bizarro authors and more. The bear and the origin chaps will be out by Christmas, so if you want in on those and you want to start getting the monthly literary swag I have to offer, preorder this book. The first gift will be coming in early November, with a second on time for Thanksgiving, and a third for Christmas.

Limited Edition $18 (three left!)
The Limited Edition gets you the book, signed and numbered, an origin chapbook in time for Christmas, a chapter of Murderland 3:Godless later in the year and a chance to win a cuddly but deadly handmade Jimmy Plush teddy bear that will ship to the winner just in time for Christmas!

Jimmy Plush regular edition $10
You get the book a week before release, the monthly gifts and I've decided to sign but not number these.

International Edition

Only two Limited Editions left! Get 'em while you still can!